Whatsapp – Facebook Gold Mine !!!

Facebook intends to enter the online payment market through the application of Whatsapp for instant messaging, according to media reports that this step will start in India, before the inclusion of other countries in the future.

Indian media quoted sources as saying that Whatsapp was in the process of launching a person-to-person e-payment service over the next six months.

A post by Whatsapp on its website showed that it was looking for a head of digital remittances in India to contribute to the money transfer and electronic payment project using telephone numbers.

But Whatsapp ‘s move is not the first, but it is a repetition of similar steps in other applications, most notably the application of the Chinese “chat”.

India is one of the largest markets for Whatsapp with more than 200 million users, compared to over one billion users worldwide.

Although this move is a source of profit, some experts believe that the real gold mine lies in user data that can be shared among the various applications owned by Facebook and then shared with advertisers.

This prompts some of them to express the fear that Whatsapp is turning into advertising, which is the main nerve for profit by various social media.

About three years ago, Facebook acquired Whatsapp  for $ 22 billion, and many wondered how Facebook was making profits from the deal, especially as Whatsapp was a free business model.



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