With the rise of all sorts of social media, a lot of us have gradually turned into sharing machines.

We seek to share our enjoyment with others, a natural pull that stems from our innate design to live in community with one another. We see it, snap it and almost simultaneously share it. Before the moment has even passed, we’ve invited hundreds of people into experience everything from our daily latte, to our 30th birthday party, to a getaway in the mountains, to the birth of our third child.

But we all know the potential downsides of social media sharing: oversharing with Facebook “friends” who don’t really know us, obsessively curating our Instagram posts to make our life look ideal, not enjoying the moment because we’re too busy sharing it with those who aren’t there.

Some of the most beautifully publicized moments are not as “authentic” as we try to make them seem. Why? Not because these perfectly posed snapshots are inherently evil, but because these moments we share are transient, and some of them, no matter how well ‘liked’ they may be, they have no eternal value. We’ve traded authenticity for approval, and these moments are quickly being glanced at, scrolled through and left to fade away into the abyss of the Internet no man’s land.

Where is the balance in what and how we share online? While sharing the good with the world can be a wonderful thing, I find that designating some moments to remain secret and sacred just for those who were there adds a greater luster to my life than sharing them ever could.

You know, those quiet, unseen moments where it’s just you and another person? The moments where you hear a still, small voice whisper “This experience is meant for you to be fully present. Put your phone down, treasure this time and give all the love you have.” When we experience these moments where we feel the pull of the Holy Spirit speaking through us or vise versa, we are left with an awe-inspired humility, which no photo could ever come close to depicting. These secret moments are a gift to be experienced fully, treasured and carried inside of our hearts.

We must be intentional about finding these moments and keeping them close, or we might eventually cease to recognize them. It could be an act of kindness—given or received, or a time in which someone unexpected is used to breathe life into your soul. Maybe it’s a 3 a.m. feeding with your newborn, or time spent alone with the love of your life, maybe it’s a moment spent in the splendor of creation, time given to the poor and needy. These are the moments in which we are eternally transformed. It’s why the Bible tells us to do really beautiful things like fast and pray and give in secret.

What are the disadvantages of sharing everything publicly on social media?

  1. Every embarrassing gaff you make is now shared with the entire world and can follow you around the remainder of your days.
  2. Any Social mistakes that are not “PC” (Politically correct), ac land you in hot water, and even result in a loss of employment. There have been many cases of individuals who without hesitation shared their Socially unpopular views online, which ended up getting them fired when their employer either learned of their personal view and/or the employed received pressure from the general public. People ranging from Teachers, Police Officers, Civil Servants, etc..
  3. All of your bad, stupid, or otherwise, wish you could forget moments, are now forever online and viewable by every future generation of your family. Further adding to their own laundry list of reasons why you were labeled the black sheep of the family.
  4. Potential future relationship partners, can judge you incorrectly, and/or unfairly based solely on the persona they interpret you to be based on your online activity.
  5. It opens you up to potential criminal behavior. There are a wide variety of cases which exist where someone posted every aspect of their life online, from information about their home, work, hobbies, travel, shopping habits, etc. Which resulted in everything from their being targeted by scammers, to having their homes broken into and robbed while away on vacation, to becoming the target of online harassment, and/or cyber bullying, and even so far as to be the reason that people have been targeted and murdered.
  6. For those young and vulnerable, all their information open for inspection and display from the details of their social circles, to best friends, parents names and information, relationship status (liking or having a crush on someone or not), having lots of friends or being socially isolated, can all play into information that a predator can use to identify vulnerable individuals, and exactly how they can best insinuate themselves into a child/teen’s life, and then convince them to trust them, and sadly for some, to then meet, run away with them, etc. Which has caused a frightening number of young people to go missing, and/or be abducted, and/or be held captive, and if lucky to eventually be found, but scared for life, or once again, for those not so lucky, to lose their lives.

The above are just a small sampling of the everyday examples of why, sharing every aspect of your life on Social Media, is definitely a very bad, and far too frequently, a dangerous activity.

I hope everyone will use good judgment when it comes to what they choose to post and/or share online with the world, and that people will be much more precautions when it comes to their own personal safety, and the safety of others in their lives. And that far fewer of you, will click those tempting ‘post’, ‘share’, ‘submit’, and ‘upload’, buttons in the future, and often unknowingly increase and/or open yourselves up to the more nefarious and seedy site of having such an open online virtual life. It is not healthy for everyone (and utter strangers), to know everything single thing about you and your personal life.


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