Solutions for using applications for metered connections

Browsing the Internet and applications today consumes a lot of Internet especially for the owners of bundles and weak Internet connection especially when using popular applications such as Facebook, Messenger, Skype, Twitter and of course YouTube so we offer you the best solutions for fast browsing when using these applications:

* Facebook Lite application:
This application is a small version of the Facebook application, which consumes less data and less space on your phone and features many of the features that are characterized by the official application of the images, pages and drawings.

* Facebook Messenger Lite:
Like what we said about Facebook Lite application comes Messenger Lite but you can not make video calls, but you can send text messages and voice and send pictures and videos.

* Twitter Lite:
Due to the fact that the official application consumes a lot of Internet data and storage space, this version was created to enable the application to run, but without the appearance of any images and videos to make browsing it fast.

* Skype Lite:
A new version of the Skype application enables you to make voice and video calls, but a small, fast version that does not consume much space and Internet data.

* YouTube Joe:
A small, lightweight version of the official YouTube application enables you to upload videos for viewing later on as no internet data is consumed.

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