Google Might Steal Apple’s Best Feature

Google’s latest OS Marshmallow is still a far cry from being universally adopted and celebrated. So, it seems premature to talk about Android N, which will be Google’s big operating system update in 2016, and which won’t be detailed until Google’s next I/O developer event that’ll take place in May or June. However, there are signs that the latest version of Android will have the 3D Touch feature come next year. Android does not aim to copy Apple in any manner, but it wants to give the users a better user experience. Android OEMs could simply use pressure-sensitive touchscreen displays in 2016 and add the necessary code themselves to Android, rather than wait for Google.

After all, that’s what Samsung and others did for fingerprint sensors long before Google added native support to Android. Although, Huawei has the hardware for the 3D touch but it does not have the native Android support to back it up. Google uses Material Design across its OS and generally offers the same features to the users. But this move will not go unnoticed with the 3D Touch coming for Chrome for iOS and Drive for iOS. Chrome for iOS will have the same features on the iPhone 6s with 3D Touch enabled and on iPhone 4s without it. It remains to be seen what Apple’s move might be now.

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