Google Cardboard Helped Doctors Save A Life

You all might be knowing about VR technology. Some believe that the VR technology is the next video gaming platform. However, this article will give more insight and use about VR technology.

No one would have believed that Google Cardboard can be used to save a life. A girl named Teegan Lexcan was born in the state of Minnesota, her heart was deformed while she had only one lung.  Prognosis was dismal and doctors said that operation is not possible and she would die.

It was like a Christmas miracle where technology and modern medicine united. With the help of virtual reality VR “Google Cardboard”, Dr. Burke was able to perform this complicated operation. Dr. Blurke could get visual images through the MRI but he needed to see where his incisions should be first made. Then comes. Dr. Juan Carlos Muniz, he runs the MRI program at Nicklaus Children’s hospital. He developed 3D model of those images and virtually Dr. Blurke can view the working of heart. It can be manipulated before operating on patient. Because of Google Cardboard, physicians could investigate her heart and were able to carry out open heart surgery and her life was saved. Teegan’s operation was performed on December 10 and it took about seven hours. This operation gave Teegan an another chance at life.

VR is also used to train medical students so that surgeon is virtually present in the operation theatre and can train them for better operating procedures and reduce the risks. It has come as a very handy equipment for doctors.

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