Clear all your online history with the click of a button

Are you fed up with cyber attacks? Do you keep getting viruses? Do you still suffer from internet abuse? If you want to get rid of this “electronic mess” you can now scan your history on the Internet with the click of a button.

Swedish computer experts have created a website ( that can help you permanently delete your Internet presence in just a few clicks.

The site allows you to view all of the Internet pages you have subscribed to, or have accounts in, before clearing all of your information items in 3 steps.

First login to the site, second sign in to the site using Google email, thirdly review the list of sites you have registered and decide whether you want to delete it or add it to the deletion list, or keep it.

Will Dahlbo, Linus and Nebeck, who designed the site, said the service takes users’ privacy very seriously and that the program runs on the user’s computer, not their servers.

Dahlbo and Unibek said that the site uses Google’s security protocol so far, which makes its capabilities limited at the moment, but it is a good choice for users who have accounts on Facebook and Twitter.

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