Blocking Speed Thieves

Most homeowners suffer from slow Internet speeds, despite their participation in high-speed packages, and lack of many communication devices.

This slack does not necessarily mean that your Internet provider is fooling you, but it may indicate a loophole that allows you to steal your Internet and your home.

If you suspect this possibility and want to make sure, here are the two main applications you can use to identify devices that use your Internet and help you get rid of thieves.

A number of “speed thieves” use many suspicious applications that can break the encryption of any Wi-Fi network you use, so here’s a way to tell who is stealing your Internet speed and how to stop it:

  1. Download the Wireless Network Watcher program on your computer (a Windows PC or laptop), and Mac users can download Who Is On My WiFi.
  2. The programs will display a list of devices that use your device’s Wi-Fi.
  3. The list you see may look encrypted, especially if you are not a technology expert, so ignore IP addresses, and focus on the “Device Name” and “Network adapter company” columns.
  4. You will know from your list your devices and your family, but you may find other names you do not know, so double-click on any name you do not know, to find out what information is recorded about it, and what it consumes from your internet speeds.
  5. Then click Block this user to your Wi-Fi network, if you find that it steals your speed and does not want to be on your network.
  6. But then, you have to take another important step, changing your Wi-Fi password, making it more complex, and blocking any personal information from you in your wireless Internet name.

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